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  • South Africa has no shortage of potential recycled building material – new erections are constantly taking the place of older ones as our infrastructure continues to grow. This also presents us with another side of the coin, however – that our dumping sites also continue to grow. So, what can we do with all the extra rubble? The rapidly diminishing space we have for dumping these materials demands that our construction industry looks into sustainable and economically viable alternative measures, as we cannot continue to take up valuable space for dumping that yields almost zero social or economic value.

    Where recycled aggregate was a big no-no for construction in the past, new methods of recycling concrete and separating alloys from rubble guarantee better material quality. Finally, recycling rubble can become the way into a sustainable future for the construction industry. Here are some of the benefits of the process:

    • Landfills and dumping sites near our cities are relieved from massive amounts of rubble, which, in turn, limits the need for rubble removal transit, saving us two valuable resources: space and fuel (not to mention less trucks on the road).
    • With such material already on the market,there is less need for the creation of new materials. This helps regulate prices, and helps curb the industry’s carbon footprint in South Africa.
    • Recycled aggregate also absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide,exposing areas of the material that hasn’t carbonated yet to atmospheric carbon dioxide, which it can then absorb in its own chemical processes.

    The stereotype is no more – repurposed aggregate is a completely viable building material. The job only falls to contractors to help convince the Average Joe about this material’s efficacy and contribute to the growth of South Africa’s sustainability in infrastructure. Although aggregates are perfect for construction, you may still want to get the real deal when it comes to building bricks from a trusted brick supplier that’ll guarantee your building’s integrity!

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