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  • Conferences can be great opportunity for networking, learning and traveling. Attending conferences is a huge investment in your future career as well as an opportunity to meet like minded individuals. This article is aimed to serve as a short guide to conferences and packing. I attended couple of conferences France last year and I decided to share with you everything I know. Here are some general tips you should know before you apply for a conference:

    Pick the best conference in your field – Think about places where you can learn a lot or where you can present your work. Do not forget to keep your eyes open for networking, connection or even summer internships.


    Pack smart – Write a list of all things you need and leave some extra place in case you buy something on the way back. If you need some books try to find them as a e-version so you can travel light.

    Have a plan – Before you attend your conference check schedule on the website and read about speakers and program. Here you can often find a list of events, programs and courses that you can attend.

    Make time for yourself – Conferences are not just about learning but also about traveling. Make sure you find some time in your schedule for sightseeing and traveling. Have a dinner in a local restaurant and taste local food.

    Now, you are ready to buy your flight ticket and book a place to stay!

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