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  • When doing home tasks, do things the right way is essential. But you can opt to take the easy way while still keeping to the correct standards, and this applies to house painting. Sometimes, cutting corners can help lower the overall costs of a painting project, but only if done astutely. With that in mind, below are some smart and inexpensive house painting tips worth considering that can make the job easy and fast.

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    Go for a simple approach where you will clean the walls quickly and painlessly, avoid laboring endlessly over this first phase of the project. Consider painting your house on a warm day so that the walls can dry after washing. Pressure washing will offer a quick and easy answer. You can opt scrub and hose down the walls if you do not have a pressure washer. Try as much as you can to shrink the prep time to prevent it eating away on your completion schedule. All the covering and taping can kill your enthusiasm for the job, thus keep the prep time a minimum.



    Avoid going hard at it, use little pressure as you run the blade over the surfaces. Scraping can quickly get out of hand; a little scraping can turn into something more and more. So, do not push down the blade to see a flake of paint if the paint stays down. The new coat of paint will seal and keep any of the edges down.



    The need for this arises if there are minor issues on the surfaces that need repair. The filler offers a quick solution to having a surface that is even. It can be an ideal answer to filling holes in the walls where nails were removed or chips or small dents.



    The need for a primer is often when you have unsightly parts on the surfaces that need to be corrected, like any that have some filing. As such, you should limit the use of the primer to applying it to only the repaired, unpainted and unprimed spots as opposed to an entire wall.



    In as much as the objective is to make the interior or exterior of the house a refreshing look, opting to work with a different color only creates more work. Therefore, you should consider working the same hue or opt for a darker color so that you can only limit the amount of work to just one coat. If you are not sure of the color of paint to buy at the home improvement stores, take peeling paint with you to hand it to the store assistant to help you identify what to buy.


    Brush Or Roll:

    When applying the paint, rolling offers the best of both worlds. It is a fast way of covering an expanse surface, and it gives a thick spread. Rolling takes half the amount of a day’s commitment, but may lack in some areas; hence the need for a brush. The roller will not reach into spaces with tight angles such as the areas where the walls and ceiling join; that is where you will need to use a paintbrush.


    And there you have it, smart tips worth keeping in mind when painting your home to make the work easier and faster.

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