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  • Painting the exterior of your home can be a big job, but you can make this easier for yourself by preparing correctly.  In order to prepare, you should consider what the most important factors are when you do this. Once you know these factors, you will be able to prepare for them and ensure that your house painting goes smoothly. Read more tips in Google cloud.

    Always Consider The Weather


    The weather can affect your paint in a number of ways.  The first is that the paint will not stick to your house if the surface is wet.  Humidity and rain will also increase the amount of time it takes for the paint to dry and this can cause issues.


    This is why you need to consider the weather when you plan to paint.  You should choose a day that will be dry with low levels of humidity. It is best to give yourself a few days of this weather to ensure that the paint dries correctly and that you have enough time to paint the whole house.


    Sand And Wash


    Knowing that paint will not adhere to wet surfaces is important, but it is also important to note that paint will not adhere to rough and dirty surfaces.  To ensure that your paint takes, you need to clean all siding and trim carefully before you start. You should allow them to dry and then sand them.


    Sanding the siding and trim of your home will remove any peeling paint.  You will also create a solid surface that your new paint will be able to hold onto.  If you do have peeling paint, you will need to remove all of it before you start with your new coat.


    Use A Primer


    It is also a good idea to apply a coat of primer if you are going to use colored paints.  Once the primer is dry, you will need to sand it and then apply the color coats. While this is a good rule to follow, you do need to take note of the type of paint that you use.  There are a lot of modern paints on the market which combines the primer and paint into one product.


    Of course, this combined paint will be more expensive, but it will generally be less hassle.  Additionally, when you consider the cost of cheaper paint along with the primer, this modern paint may be on par.  It is recommended that you look at reviews of these combined paints before you buy to ensure that they work correctly in your area.


    Combine Paint Cans


    If you are going to cover a large section of your home in a colored paint, you need to combine multiple paint cans.  This will ensure that the color is consistent all over your home. You do not want to have one wall of your home a slightly different color to the rest because you used a different can of paint.  This is a very important step to take if you bought part of the paint and then buy more at a different time before you started painting.

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