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  • Now that we’re deep in the summer, it’s time to start thinking about conservatory cleaning Stockport services to ensure your plants are getting as much sunlight as possible. Conservatories were originally created to allow the cultivation of citrus fruits in colder climates. This is why having a clean conservatory is essential, as it allows sunlight to supplement your conservatory garden properly.


    Below we’ve written up a useful guide on how to start cleaning out your conservatory so that your plants can have a bright and sun-filled summer season.


    Essential Conservatory Cleaning Equipment


    Before you can just start cleaning your conservatory, it’s important you gather the proper equipment to be able to clean things properly. Firstly, a telescopic conservatory cleaning brush will make your job much easier, allowing you to clean those hard to reach places without putting yourself at risk.


    Lastly, you’ll need a ladder to clean the roof and upper corners of your conservatory safely. While there are specialist conservatory access ladders available, a normal ladder should serve you just fine as long as you have a long enough cleaning brush.


    Clean the Gutters First


    Conservatory cleaning Stockport recommends that you always start by cleaning your gutters first, as having clean gutters will make the rest of the cleaning process much smoother. If your gutters are clogged, you’ll first need to remove any large plant material, moss or other debris that’s slowing the flow of water.


    Following this, make sure your downpipes are unblocked and use a waste pipe cleaner (also known as a plumber’s snake) if anything is blocking these pipes.


    Take Care When Cleaning the Roof


    Now that it’s time to clean the roof, you want to make sure that you never stand or put any weight upon the conservatory roof. Using a ladder and a telescopic conservatory cleaning brush, clean the conservatory roof of any debris or algae build-up before rinsing it off with some water. For any tough spots, use hot soapy water rather than any harsh cleaning chemicals.


    Conservatory cleaning Stockport always remind people that conservatory roofs are not designed to support any kind of load, so take extra care when cleaning them.


    Don’t Forget to Clean the Interior


    If there’s a spot or smudge that just doesn’t seem to be coming off no matter how much elbow grease you put in, make sure to check and clean out the interior of the conservatory. While conservatory cleaning Stockport always remember to clean the inside, you’d be surprised at how many people only clean the exterior of their conservatory.


    Make sure you’ve cleaned the outside first so that you have a good idea of what marks remain on the inside for you to clean after.


    Call Just Clean for Conservatory Cleaning Stockport


    Now that you’ve got the basics of conservatory cleaning, you can start getting yourself the necessary materials to keep your conservatory sparkling clean. Of course, when a job is just too difficult, make sure to call Just Clean’s conservatory cleaning Stockport service at 01925 223 547.

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