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    Just before summer started last year, we have decided that we would like to get a backyard play set for the kids. We were not so sure if we wanted wooden swing sets or plastic ones.

    Ask Yourself These

    There were some questions which we considered before we have finally decided.

    • Until how long will the kids play with the set? Would it last for a long time? Will they outgrow it quickly?
    • What size would best suit for our backyard? Shall we opt for a massive structure or just a small one that would accommodate only a swing and a slide?
    • How much is our budget? Will it be a good investment for our kids?
    • Shall we get a plastic one or a wooden one?

    The Pros and Cons

    There were just too many questions that we have to answer before we reach a certain decision. Nevertheless, we have found some advantages and disadvantages of having a wooden swing set.

    • Physically, a wooden swing set looks really good as it has this natural look. It makes your backyard more presentable than the plastic kind. Also, this is more environment friendly.
    • One good thing about having wooden swing sets is that you have many choices. You could opt to put the swing to this side or the other side. You could even add some features as time passes. You just need to use some imagination to keep fun just as it starts to get boring.
    • The best thing about this kind of set is that you can repair it quickly once something is broken. You don’t need to wait for a replacement from the manufacturer.
    • Maintaining might be done every few years like repainting and making sure that the screws and bolts are still tight.
    • If you aren’t fond of building then you might spend an equally long time putting it yourself or you need to pay someone to put it up for you.

    On the other hand, with plastic swing set.

    • Maintenance is not hard. You only need to clean it with water.
    • Plastics are friendlier when it comes to safety as you don’t need to worry about splinters.
    • A plastic swing is definitely cheaper and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This is best for families on a tight budget.
    • With plastic ones, you cannot do more about it. You cant rebuild, add a structure or redesign it.
    • Truthfully, plastic swings don’t look nice in the garden and sometimes just don’t fit well.

    So as our decision, wooden swing sets are definitely way better and would last longer. Yes it might be more expensive but it is a truly a good value for money. Learn more here about it.

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    I think a lot of us who have had the pleasure of creating and taking care of a garden have also been known to feel the shame of neglecting it for too long (hopefully only on occasion). Well I found myself facing this issues a few times too many. I don’t feel like an excessively busy person but life has a way whisking you away from all the things you need to get done it seems like. So instead of putting my little flower and vegetable gardens through hell occasionally by neglecting them and allowing the poor things to wilt and die, I’ve been thinking about switching it up. I have been brainstorming and after finding this website I came up with a few ideas to keep some beauty and green around the yard while decreasing the amount of daily maintenance needed.

    My favorite idea is to incorporate some fairy gardens around the place – or turn it into one large, spread-out, bits-and-pieces, here-and-there, type of fairy garden. A fairy garden takes zero maintenance once assembled. They look great though! There is a whimsical nature about it when you can look around and see tiny pieces of furniture and odds-and-ends laying around the yard in neatly placed, specific spots. For me personally, it adds the perfect touch.

    Another nice idea for creating a garden space that doesn’t require upkeep is to get light fixtures installed around the place. These are mostly going to be enjoyed at night but you can replace a few plants with a few lights to keep up the maintained look without having to do the daily maintenance. I prefer colored lights, I think it creates a different look than white lights. But white lights also seem to have more of a classy look about them. Whatever type of light fixture you choose is up to you, of course – personal preference.

    I’ll end up adding a small porch in my backyard as well; a small wooden area to put the grill and outdoor furniture on. I will add some lights to that, with one of the little fairy gardens around the porch to create a perfect little spot to hang out at that won’t wilt and die if I forget to take care of it on occasion. I got some of my ideas offline and did some research about the best types of wood to use on the porch, and different light options for outside. There are a lot of other great resources to help you create your perfect space outside. Good luck to you and now I am off to begin with my creation!