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    People who live in countries that have generally warm climates often forget that if you are cold, they are cold.You may think your dog’s coat is enough to protect him from the elements – that simply isn’t true.

    Some popular dog breeds are prone to feeling the cold more and cannot stand it, and they aren’t the ones you might expect:

    • Dachshunds.
    • Basset Hounds.
    • Grey Hounds.
    • Doberman Pinchers & Miniature Pinchers.
    • Yorkshire Terriers.
    • Pit Bulls.
    • French Bulldogs.
    • Chihuahua.
    • Pugs.
    • Great Danes.
    • Boxers.

    The essentials:

    If your dogs are outside in the cold, you need:
    -an igloo or dog house
    -enough blankets
    -a dog bed to keep them off the cold floor.

    In fact, even indoor dogs need a cosy dog bed. Some dog lovers don’t want their dogs on the couch- but we know that even big dogs think they are lap dogs when it is cold out. To keep your furniture intact and your dogs warm and happy, getting a proper dog bed is an option.

    See more dog products (beds and cushions) that will keep dogs warm and cosy.

    Dogs in the Car:

    You can even treat your loyal canine companion to a cosy bed while travelling. If you take your dog everywhere with you and see their comfort as your priority, look into getting a dog traveller. This will make car rides more enjoyable for both of you – and I’m sure you will be repaid in love and cuddles!